You lead a busy life. While you are confident you could go through and learn all the ins and outs of your financial life, you’d rather spend that time with your family, volunteering in your local community, or working on your growing career. Which is why you’re looking for someone to come alongside and guide you.

To you, money is not the end goal; it’s only a tool. You’re more focused on your daughter’s upcoming dance performance than last quarter’s investment performance. Your neighbor’s loss of their spouse means more than the loss of an analyst’s favorable rating on that stock.

For those looking to have a great and meaningful conversation about more than just your money, we’re here for you.


What is a Fiduciary and does it matter?
In short, a fiduciary advisor is someone who puts their client’s interests ahead of all others, including their own. It means that whatever is recommended to you from a fiduciary advisor must be in your best interest at all times. It means that the advisor has a duty to thoroughly vet other reasonable options prior to providing their advice. Being aware of and communicating with you, any potential conflicts of interest, which may inhibit their advice is an additional requirement of fiduciaries. Trevore and Presence Financial will always act as a fiduciary for their clients.

It is important to note that not all financial professionals, or those calling themselves advisors or planners, are required to act as a fiduciary for their clients. Individuals often assume their advisor is a fiduciary when that may not be the case. Remember that it’s always okay to ask!